Merħba Welcome

Nature Trust Malta visited our valley on 10 02 2014 to be informed on our Regeneration Project.
We hope to be able to welcome them again soon and show them the ongoing progress
The restoration of the reservoir is almost completed so we will be able to finish the irrigation system before it gets warm and dry again.

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July 20th 2013
our 4th tree planting event but our first Children's tree planting event
Each and all are very welcome to join us for this very special event


Dear Friends and Neighbours,
Due to unforseen circumstances Fr. Carabott has advised that the next Sunday Mass in English has been postponed until the following Sunday, 21st April. After which all the following Masses will revert to the second Sunday of each month
Kindly advise all your friends and neighbours of this change

Pictures of this event d.d. 16-06-2012 can be found in the gallery

March 3 2012

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Details can be found HERE

August 27th 2011

Assisted by Councillors Hillary Fenech, Patrick Cutajar and the Mellehin youth the work is going on even in August.

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Mill-Qiegha, Lulju 2011, Harga Nru 45, page 24

18 June 2011: Inauguration of the Wied Ghajn Zejtuna Regeneration Project

A few words from our Chairperson Mr. Sammy Vella:

" We set ourselves difficult targets and then exhausted all our energies in an attempt to reach those targets. And then discovered that we still had untapped energies to draw from and carry on. That is what happened these past two weeks. At first it appeared an impossible target. But we wouldn't let it go. All the brambles and vines in our pilot area have been rolled back and even though this is the worst part of the year to plant trees, we decided that we would not allow this part of the valley to be swallowed up again by invasive species and we have colonised it with indigenous trees - Hawthorn, Myrtle, Chasteberry, Holm Oak,  Carob, and Elder.  And we have brought several authorities and NGO's down to the valley to be our witnesses"

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Independent June 14

Independent June 19

17 June 2011:

Living up to our promise of the 13th.... Group picture of the (almost) complete dream team.

Grazzi Hafna on behalf of the residents of Santa Marija Estate for a Great job, Well Done, Gentlemen!

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14 June 2011:
Progress Report:

A picture says more than a 1000 words

As usual more pictures can be found in the Photos section (here)

and Please don't forget:

13 June 2011:

The Valley Management Unit of the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs has commenced preparations for the Inauguration of the Valley Regeneration Project. The Committee of the Ghaqda wishes to express it's gratitude and the gratitude of the St. Marija residents for their support of our project.

Unfortunately a camera malfunction prevented us from taking a group picture of the full team. We'll try again soon to make up for this.

More pictures can be found in the Photo section of this website (here)

Dear Members, neighbours, friends, Mellehin

You are all cordially invited to join us on June 18, 2011, from 09:00 till approximately noon for the festive opening of the Wied Ghajn Zejtuna Regeneration project. The "Pilot Area" for this regeneration project is the section of the Triq Ghajn Zejtuna between Triq Il-Pont and Triq II-Qasab (here)

Programme of the day

Assisted by representatives of various NGO's we will conduct an inspection tour of the pilot area

some light preparatory tasks for those that wish to work up an appetite

Planting of various indigenous trees by local and national prominent personalities

The morning activities will be closed by enjoying light refreshments offered to all participants by the Ghaqda tar-Resident ta' Santa Marija Estate, Mellieha.

We are looking forward to your company. Please help us make the Wied Ghajn Zejtuna "Greener, Cleaner, Safer"